When you go a Tibet tour, Yamdrok Lake is one of the must-see attractions. As one of the three holy lakes, Yamdrok Lake is a female guardian of Tibetan Buddhism. The people here believe that they will bless and protect them. Every year, many devotees in Tibet or elsewhere will come here to pilgrimage. Some of which walk, walk every three steps to reach hundreds of kilometers. All these visitors bring great mystery and dignity to the fascinating sacred Yamdrok Lake.

About Yamdrok Lake
* Tibetan: Yamdrok Yumtso
* Chinese: 羊卓雍错 Yángzhuō Yōngcu /yang-jwor yong-tswor/
* Location: Lake Yamdrok is by the old road (S307) between Lhasa and Shigatse via Gyantse.
* Distance from Lhasa: 170 km (110 mi) southwest
* Adjoining pass from Lhasa: 4,800 m (16,000 ft) altitude
* Maximum length: 72 km (45 mi)
* Maximum Depth: 60 meters (200 ft)
* Surface area: 638 km2 (246 mi)
* Surface elevation: 4,441 m (14,570 ft)
* Recommended Visiting Time: 1 hour
* Best time to visit Yamdrok Lake: from September to November is the best time to travel Yamdrok Lake

How to get to Yamdrok Lake
As the southern part of Lhasa is about 100 km from Yamdrok Lake, the most popular route to Yamdrok is from Lhasa to Shigatse. There is no direct bus to Yamdrok Lake, so the best option is to rent a private car from Lhasa. It takes about two hours to reach the Kambala Pass for up to 5030 meters. This is one of the highest places in Tibet and where you can see Yamdrok Lake. If you want to get closer, you will drive another 30 minutes you are getting closer to the lake and view the lake with jaw-dropping beauty.

Stunning Yamdrok Tso Lake lake in Tibet

Story about Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Yumtso is famous for the world’s most beautiful water. “Yam ” refers to “upper; ” drok ” refers to pasture; “yum” refers to Jasper; “tso” refers to the lake, so Yamdrok Yumtso means “Jasper Lake of upper pasture”. In the hearts of Tibetans, Yamdrok Lake is regarded as “scattered turquoise earrings by a fairy “, because no matter where you are in, you will not be able to see Yamdrok’s overall perspective. According to the records, the shape of Yamdrok Lake is like a scorpion. According to legend, it was nine lakes, Dacini Yeshe Tsogyal worried that many creatures in the lake will die, so she puts 350 grams of unit golds in the air, recited the mantra, put all the small lakes on an organic whole and make it look like a handheld iron scorpion of Padmasambhava. Therefore, Yamdrok Lake is known as one of the three largest holy lakes in Tibet.

On the other hand, Yamdrok Lake is known as the sacred lake because Yamdrok Lake can help people find the incarnation of the Lama. After the para nirvana of the Dalai Lama, those who are a reincarnation composed of monks from Tibet are responsible for the reincarnation. First of all, the living Buddha tells wealth according to the divine symbol, then wizard befalls and points out that the large orientation of reincarnation; The next they will go to the Yamdrok Lake to chant sutra and throw Hada, Wish-granting Vase, medicine material into the lake. Finally, the ritual will develop from the lake to guide the more specific direction of the reincarnation. If the directions shown in the above three rituals are the same, the people will find reincarnation according to indicated orientation.

Yamdrok Lake Scenery
As the Tibetan goddess scattered turquoise earrings, you can easily find the beauty, but never reveal its panorama. From a different point of view, she will be a variety of blue like a dream and show you a very rich color. From a distance, you can have a wide range of horizons to find the local animals walk through the fertile lakes and some small Tibetan villages which live near the valleys of Lake Yamdrok.

Yamdrok Lake is one of the clearest lakes in Tibet without any pollution, the lake as clean as the crystal, flashing water will shock you in the sun. There are shoals of fish living in Yamdrok Lake. Every summer, the fish swim in shallow water, spawning, and even be caught by hand.In the vast ranch of lakes, the vitality of animals and immigrant birds is also growing. Shepherds ferry their sheep flocks to the islets during the herding season since no wild animals are found here. If you go there, you will see the performance of the habitat of birds dancing with the sheep.

When you plan to go for a trip to Tibet, you should never miss the chance to visit the fascinating sacred Yamdrok Lake. You will have a great memory there.