Travel to Tibet from Shangri-La, you will have a good chance to experience real Tibet culture. In 1933, James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon”, Shangri-La is a fictional and lost Utopia wisdom land. Tibetans are the original population of the region and called this area as the Giantthang. In Tibet, Shangri-La refers to the sun and the moon in the heart”.

How to get to Lhasa (the capital of Tibet) from Shangri-La

1 By Flight:

There is a small airport in Shangri-La, about 3 kilometers away from the town. Although there is no airport shuttle bus, it only costs 15-20 RMB to get to the airport by Taxi. From late April to the end of October, there is a flight operating by Chinese Eastern Airlines. It takes about two hours to fly from Dirk to Lhasa. Usually, the price of economy class in this flight is 230USD, but in the rush seasons from July to September, you’ll find that the ticket price is usually higher.

Note: All foreign travelers entering Tibet need a Tibet travel permit, and you need to get an original Tibet travel permit to fly to Lhasa.

2 By overland

1) Take a bus from Shangri-La to Lhasa

Although you can choose to travel to Tibet by overland, it usually applies to China people. As you see, when foreign travelers enter Tibet, they need to find a local Tibet travel agency which can apply for a Tibet permit for them. Buses from Shangri-La to Lhasa do not always run regularly, and schedules are not always daily. You can take two types of buses: seated buses and sleeper buses. Buse from Shangri-La to Lhasa is about 1600km, going through Derchin, Markam, Zogang, Bomi, and Nyingchi. It takes about four days to reach to Lhasa and the cost of the bus is about 550 RMB. Although the bus was convenient for both local and foreign travelers, it missed the spectacular scenery along the route.

2) Rent a car to Lhasa from Shangri-La

In order to view the spectacular scenery along the route, you can also choose jeep or land cruiser. If you need, you can tell us your detailed itinerary and quotation based on your travel group and travel time so that we can arrange the car and Tibet Travel permit for you.

The best time to visit Shangri-La

The best time to visit Shangri-La is from March to October. From March to August, Shangri-La decorated with colored flowers everywhere. In September, Shangri-La was in the harvest period, you will have a good chance to see beautiful golden paddy fields.

Attractions in Shangri-La

There are beautiful hills and lakes in Shangri-La, which provide travelers with opportunities for hiking and plant exploration. Travel from Shangri-La to Tibet, you can see the glacier in the high mountains, the winding road winds through the edge of the pine forest cliff. When reaching to 4700 meters, you enter the plateau of Tibet. There are many beautiful villages, Yaks roam freely on the grassland and the spreading Buddhist temple climbed on both sides of the mountains, slapping prayer flags scattered over the terrain.

1) Songzanlin Monastery (3200 meters)

Songzanlin Monastery which belongs to the Gelugpa sect is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan province. It’s about 5 kilometers from the center of Shangri-La. The best time to visit Songzanlin Monastery is in the morning. If you walk along the lake in front of the monastery by clockwise, you will find the monastery reflected on the lake which looks very beautiful.

2) Napa Lake (3200 meters)

Napa Lake is about 8 kilometers from the center of Shangri-La. During the dry season, you can do riding trekking. It is a great way to visit Napa Lake and many local people will offer their horses at reasonable prices. You can see yaks, horses, and sheep around the lake and occasionally Tibetan shepherds can be found.