Get ready for a long-awaited Tibet tour with your love or alone? But still have a vague idea of how, when and where to go to Tibet and so on is just simple. In this article, you will find some Tibetan travel tips to help you plan a safe, healthy and amazing travel to Tibet.


1 Ahead of schedule for Tibet travel



It is necessary to do a good job in traveling to Tibet in advance so that you can avoid the troubles of traveling in the course of travel. Besides, you still can’t be a backpacker into Tibet, so you need a Chinese visa and Tibet Entry Permit to visit Tibet. Going for a trip to Tibet must be booked at least 20 days in advance. It usually takes 2-3 days to confirm the hotel reservation, and the Tibet Tourist Board usually takes 10 days to issue the Tibet Entry Permit.





2 Choose the best time to travel to Tibet

In general, the best time to visit Tibet is from May to October, when is the tourist season in Tibet. The weather is comfortable and the oxygen content is higher. But as you see, what’s the best time to visit Tibet may depend on your interests and what are in your consideration, such as climate condition, Tibetan festivals, monthly highlights of Tibet and the cost of the tour.


Though summer is widely regarded as the best time to go for a trip to Tibet, There are some travelers prefer to travel to Tibet in autumn when the landscape of Tibet is most colorful. Also, it’s a great idea to make the best use of Christmas holiday to enjoy a unique travel in Tibet.


Note: Tibet is usually closed for most of February and March for the politically sensitive time of Tibetan New Year. So we highly suggest you that you can plan a Tibet tour from April to be on the safe side.


3 What should you take before traveling to Tibet?

*Clothes: You need bring some jackets, warm sweaters, gloves, warm pants, woolen hats. It is very cold in the day-night when you are in above 3000m Tibet. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is also very necessary, because almost all the monasteries in Tibet have steep climbing steps.


* Lip cream: You will feel very dry, so bring your lipstick to protect your lips.



* snacks: If your Tibet trip includes long trekking trips or you do not like local food, you can carry some snacks.


*Altitude sickness medicine: Taking the drug the day before the high altitude can improve the efficacy.


* Motion sickness medicine: If there may be motion sickness on the long distance mountain road.


*Anti-diarrheal medicine: Tibetan food is very different from what you may be accustomed to and may not be consistent with your digestive system.


4 You will not miss the must-see attractions.


*Potala Palace: It’s was built as the center of Tibetan government by the fifth Dalai Lama in 1645. Also, it’s famous for the cardinal landmark of Tibet and a masterpiece of Tibetan architecture. The breathtaking of murals inside the Potala palace are not only attractive but also tell the story of Tibetan.



*Drepung Monastery: It’s well known as the most important monastery of Gelugpa in Tibetan Buddhism. It is considered as one of the ‘Three Great Monasteries’. The others are the Ganden Monastery and the Sera Monastery.



*Yamdrok Lake: it is one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. It’s surrounded by many snow-capped mountains and is fed by numerous small streams. According to local mythology, Yamdrok lake is the transformation of a goddess.


*Namtso Lake: Namtso Lake is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in the Nyainqêntanglha mountain range and its cave hermitages have been the destination of Tibetan pilgrims for centuries.


*Everest Base Camp Trek: On the way to Everest, every bend in the trail provides another photo opportunity: the beautiful forests, unique Tibetan villages, glacial moraines, and foothills. When reaching to Everest base camp, you will see the breathtaking sunrise and sunset of Mt Everest.



5 What are the rules in Tibet worth to notice?


*During the religious festivities, many pilgrims came to the monastery for religious tribute. There are special tunnels in some monasteries. Do not join with pilgrims or teams.


*Photography: Most Tibetan monasteries are not allowed to shoot statues. In some monasteries, such as the Tashilhunpo monastery, visitors can pay some money after shooting the Buddha.

Monastery: No smoking is allowed when visiting the monastery. You’d better wear appropriate, not shorts or sunglasses.


*Shopping: Do not buy wild animals in the skin or bones, because when you try to leave the area may cause problems.


*Visit a local family: If you have the opportunity to visit a local family, then when you go with them, let the oldest people go first. When entering a tent or house, do not step on the threshold. Also, do not touch your head with your hand.


*Walk clockwise around Barkhor Street, especially during the rush hour of pilgrimage from 9 am to 6 pm.


Everyone knows Tibet – at least they think they do it the word alone calls the monk, meditation and the image of the Mt.Everest summit; blue sky, white ice and red robe; spiritually pure Shangri-La. We have done all the work for you, and now it’s your time to go for a trip to Tibet.

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