You may want to travel to Tibet just because of a beautiful photo of Tibet landscape, Tibet culture, Everest base camp trek in Tibet. But you don’t know what to see in Tibet. Read our top 10 places to trip in Tibet for our expert recommendations on what to see and do in Tibet.



#1 Mt Kailash

Mount Kailash is well known as Kang Rinpoche or “Precious Jewel of Snow” and considered as the most sacred holy shrine of pilgrimage for Bon Hindus, Jains, Buddhist people. There is a believed that devotees have been circumambulating this holy mountain from centuries which can clear their sins. Also, it’s a great challenge for you to trek around Mt. Kailash on the average altitude of nearly 5,000m. What’s more, It’s a true test of the mind and spirit you never want to miss.



#2 Everest Base Camp Trek

Mt Everest is located in along the border of Nepal and Tibet. There are two routes to visit Everest base camp: south side and north side. The north side of Everest in Tibet has truly breathtaking with mixed forest, flower-filled meadows, glaciers, rivers and spectacular mountainous panoramas throughout. It’s the nearest to see the summit of Mt Everest from Everest base camp than the Nepal side. You will never regret to travel to Everest base camp in Tibet because you will come away with a great appreciation of the way Tibet of life, their mountain culture and Everest adventure.Here you can see som sweet tips about Everest base camp trekking tour.



#3 Namsto Lake

Namsto Lake, called “Heavenly Lake” is the largest lake in Tibet. Why it become more and more popular in Tibet travel? It looks like a miraculous shade of turquoise and is surrounded by magnificent views of the nearby mountains. Besides, the wide open spaces were dotted with the tents of local drokpas, it makes us intoxicating.  Every year, many pilgrims from Tibet and nearby regions will come here to circle the whole lake. It will be so wonderful experience to stay in Namsto for one night.



#4 Monasteries in Lhasa City

There is no trip to Tibet is complete without spending at least 3 or 4 nights in the holy city of Lhasa. In these days, you will be head to the most famous of Potala Palace, mystical Jokhang temple, sprawling Sera and Drepung monastery. The Potala Palace is considered as “the palace of art” which is collected within innumerable treasures and artworks. Besides, you will see thousands of pilgrims walk around the Jokhang Temple while spinning prayer wheels and chanting mantras. Also, Drepung monastery which as another three one of the “great three” Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet is recommended a place to see. In this case, you will feel different Buddhism culture and history in Tibet that you never had before.



#5Yalung Tsanfpo Grand Canyon

It’s well known as the deepest canyon in the world. As well as, the biggest channel for aqueous vapor from the Indian Ocean to access the Tibet Plateau. The river was dotted with dense forests and various of wildlife, combining high mountains, turning canyons, and great waterfalls. Therefore, there is no doubt that it’s a stunning natural phenomenon, and a great treasure for mankind. Also, it’s a paradise for camera lovers.


This is the list that you can try to start with some of these places listed here if you are confused that what to see in Tibet. Also, you can enter in Tibet from both Mainland China and Nepal. For more information about Tibet tour, you can send us an email:


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