Are you still troubled by how to plan to travel to Tibet? Here, we listed a huge collection of Tibet travel tips to help you plan a safe, healthy and amazing trip to Tibet.


Q:  Are independent travelers allowed to enter in Tibet?


The Chinese government claims that for a foreigner, independent travel has been prohibited.  Therefore, all foreign tourists must participate in a local Tibet agency which organized Tibet tours. In order to enter in Tibet, you also need to obtain the Tibet travel permit from the local tourism agency. The travel agency has the advantage to obtain the related permits that issue from the Tibet Tourism Bureau and other corresponding departments.

Q:Does the Tibet travel agency sell Tibet permits separately?


As far as I know, there is no possibility that a Tibet travel agency will only give you the Tibet permit because it is against the local tourism policy. Besides, the Tibet permit will print the information such as from which city you will enter in Tibet, the attractions you will visit, the hotel address you will live in and much more. The Tibet Travel agency is responsible for arranging these things.

Q:Should I enter in Tibet from China or Nepal?


Well, you can enter in Tibet both from China and Nepal. You need to apply for a Tibet travel permit when you enter from China city. On the other hand, you must apply for a Tibet Group Visa in Kathmandu when you want to enter from Nepal. Besides, there is one thing you need to note that because no one is allowed to hold two valid visas at the same time, any other Chinese visa you have in your passport will be canceled, and you won’t be able to travel as an individual in China after you leave Tibet.

Q:How to enter in Tibet, train or flight or overland by car?


It is strongly recommended that taking a train rather than a flight to enter in China. You will explore the amazing landscape from the plateau by train. Also, the train puts you at less risk of getting High Altitude Pulmonary Edema than the flight. Since Nepal earthquake happened, the overland by car route is not an option right now, with the Tibet-Nepal border closed. You can only take a flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa.

Q: Do I need to carry some cash when traveling to Tibet?


If you are the first time to travel in China, the local, large hotels and tourist stores will accept credit cards such as American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Master, and Visa. Also, you can exchange your currency from a kindly tour guide, travel agency. If you are a foreigner who has been working or studying in China and also already has Chinese bank card, it is very easy to get money from a series of Chinese banks or ATMs in Lhasa. Just in case, it’s good for you to carry some cash to deal with some payment.

Q:What are some travel tips to consider when traveling to Tibet?


Respect Tibetans religion. Tibetan people are very warm and friendly but somehow isolated, especially in rural area. You’d better not take photos of anyone without their permission, always ask permission first! Second, you’d better not discuss sensitive topics like political matters with local people. What’s more, in Lhasa and other cities’ pharmacy, you can buy oxygen bottle. But don’t take train and plane with an oxygen bottle. It can’t pass the security check. But if you want to travel to high altitude area, It’s good to carry oxygen bottle with you.

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