Have you ever been to Tibet? What do you think of the scenery in Tibet? If you have never traveled to Tibet, you must be regretful for the whole life. This is a high altitude region with unique scenery which is different from other scenic spots. In Tibet, you can enjoy the tranquil lakes, snow-capped mountains, blue sky, green grassland, and mysterious monasteries. For travelers who have never been to Tibet, you’d better have a Tibet tour during this period. Because the scenery is very attractive and charming in the following months. An old saying goes: Better late than never! Just pack your luggage and head to this holy land! Here, I will share some useful Tibet travel tips for you and wish you have a wonderful Tibet journey. : )

Firstly, let’s talk about the Tibet tour time. Many travelers will be confused by a question that what the best tour time for Tibet. Frankly speaking, each season has its own character. The tour time relies on your budget or hobby. If you are fond of trekking or hiking, you can travel to Tibet from April to October owing to the cool weather. If you want to have a reduce your costs, you can have a Tibet winter tour. Normally, from April to October is the peak season of Tibetan tourism, many tourists from all over the world head to Tibet. From November to March is the low peak season and the price of food, hotels, vehicles, places of interest will have a discount. Lhasa is an ideal place for travelers who want to have a cheap Tibet tour. Because the temperature in Lhasa is not as low as your imagination. The temperature is higher than many areas in China in the daytime. But it can drops below zero at night. The sky is blue without many clouds. You can enjoy the peak of the mountains even at a far distance. Just be sure that you should bring some warm clothes, suncream, sunglasses, lipsticks, etc.

Secondly, let’s talk about the ways to get to Tibet. Normally, there are two main ways for tourists to get to Tibet, train, and flight. In the past, travelers could only take the flight to Tibet because there was no railway. Taking a flight to Tibet is the fastest way. However, since the year 2006, with the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, more and more travelers get to Tibet by train. The scenery along the railway is very attractive. You will see many yaks and sheep running in boundless grassland, snow-capped mountains shining in the sunshine, and crystal-like lakes dotting under the grand mountains. Taking a train to Tibet is the best way to adapt to the high altitude sickness because it takes more hours than flight. There are three kings tickets. The first is the soft sleeper berth with four berths, which the price is the most expensive. The second is the hard sleeper berth with six berths which the price is cheaper than the former. The last is the hard seat which is the cheapest. Hard seat is uncomfortable. You’ d better not book it.

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