Are you planning a perfect Tibet journey ? Here are some tips you need to know before you travel in Tibet.

1 Plan a Tibet Tour in advance 

If you would like to travel to Tibet, you need to consult a Tibet travel agency two months in advance. So that you have enough time to get a perfect journey in Tibet. Also, due to Tibet’s unique background, apart from a Passport and a Chinese Visa, all foreign tourists allowed to enter Tibet must have Tibet Permits, so you need to apply for a Chinese visa in your home country in advance, and make the final preparations for your trip.

Recommended duration for a Tibet trip: If your travel will be limited to areas around Lhasa, Mt.Everest, Namsto Lake, 12 working days is enough to get your Tibet permits. If you travel in Mt.Kailash area, Bomi in Nyingchi, you need the 30-working day to get your Tibet permit.

If you plan a Tibet tour two months in advance, it can also save your money. If you don’t have enough time to apply for Tibet Permits, you may spend extra money( about $USD250) for applying for urgent Tibet permits. For urgent Tibet permits, we will get it for you within 4 working day.

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2 You need Tibet Permits to enter Tibet.

All foreign tourists must have Tibet Permits to enter Tibet.

If you have Hong Kong and Macao Id, you don’t need Tibet Permits to enter Tibet, but if you would like to travel to Mt.Everest, you need to apply for Border permits in your home city. If you don’t have enough time, we can also apply for it for you in Lhasa. It costs $USD20/person if you have four people, $USD80 if you travel alone.

If you have Mongolia passport, you only need your passport copy to get Tibet Permits.

If you have Taiwan Id, all Tibet travel agencies can’t arrange a Tibet tour for you. Also, you can’t travel to Tibet with foreign tourists. Taiwan citizens need to ask the local agency in Taiwan for help. The Taiwan agency will contact the CITS Tibet, then Taiwan citizens can travel to Tibet. We don’t know if this policy will be changed in the future.

If you hold an India passport, all travel agencies can’t arrange India traveler go to Mt.Kailash area to do a kora. If you’d like to travel in the Mt.Everest and Lhasa area, the travel agency can arrange this tour for you.

If you hold a Bhutan passport, all travel agencies can’t arrange Tibet tour for you as now, the Bhutan and China have not established diplomatic relations yet.

Also, professional photographers, foreign officials, journalists, and monks can’t get Tibet Permit and travel in Tibet.

For people who are from Brunei, Japan, Singapore, and Serbia, you can travel to China and Tibet without a Chinese visa for 15 days. So you only need your passport copy to get Tibet Permits.

3 Choose the best time to travel in Tibet

From April to Oct is the best time to travel in Tibet, the weather is good and you will visit a beautiful landscape in Tibet. From July to August, the Tibet will enter the rainy season, but mostly, it will rain at night.

If you’d like to visit the holy Lhasa city, all the year around is the best time even in winter. In winter, you can get a lower price to travel in Lhasa, and also, in Lhasa, it’s also called “The City of Sunlight”. You can enjoy a warm sunlight in Lhasa city during the daytime.

If you’d like to visit Mt.Everest, the best time to visit Mt.Everest is from April to June, and from September to November. From April to June, it’s really the greatest time to visit Everest as it’s not as cold as in winter and also you will have a good chance to see the peak very clear. It also a good time for most of the mountaineers to climb the Everest. Then from September to November, after the monsoon passes and before the harsh winter moves in, there is a small window of opportunity available to view the best state of the Mt. Everest.

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