Before we plan to go for a trip to Namtso Lake, we need to have a general idea of what to expect. And, unless we research our trip in advance, this idea is usually wrong. This article will introduce the beautiful Namtso Lake in Tibetan for you.

About Namtso Lake

 * Speak in Chinese: 纳木错 Nàmù Cuò /naa-moo tswor/

* Location: Damshung County, Nagqu Prefecture; 220 kilometers (140 miles) north of Lhasa city, 4½ hours’ drive.

*Altitude: 4,718 meters (15,479 feet), accessed by a 5,100m (16,700 feet) mountain pass

* Area: 1,900 square kilometers (760 square miles)

* Maximum depth: 35 meters (115 feet)

*The best times to visit: From May to September

How to Get to Namsto Lake

As Lhasa is about 220 km from Namsto, travelers will usually choose goes from Lhasa to Namtso Lake by plane or train. In order to get acclimatized to high altitude and alleviate the jet lag, you’d better stay in Lhasa for several days then take the bus to the lake. As I far as I know, everyday Lhasa East Suburb Passenger Station has variable interval regular buses to Namsto and other attractions. It’s very convenient. Besides, it’s the best way for you to find rent cars at each travel agency if you are the first time to go for a trip to Tibet. What’s more, there are interesting ways to go to Namsto such as riding, hiking and much more.

Namtso Lake Features

Namtso Lake is next to heaven because of its pure blue water, and spiritual association. With the snow-capped mountains, the crystal-clear dazzling blue water, Namtso Lake is stretching to the horizon. Standing on the Tashi Peninsula, where you will feel like you are standing in the center of the lake. You can have a leisurely time there, listening to the wind and watching the sparkling ripples. The sound of the prayer wheel, fluttered in the strong wind to remind its holiness.


Namtso Lake Scenery

When Namtso Lake turned into summer from May, the water comes out a charming shade of turquoise, surrounded by the water-reflected clear sky and snow peaks in the distance. The wide open spaces are dotted with tents of local nomads. It’s so breathtaking!

In summer, Namtso Lake is an ideal habitat for wildlife creatures, especially precious birds. They will fly over the lake to lay eggs and feed their young babies. If you are lucky enough, you can see the fish in the clear water. Besides, you may also see a group of goats and yaks on the grassland while you are hiking.

If you stay one night in Namtso Lake, you should never miss a great chance to visit the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets of Namtso Lake. In the morning, you can get up early to the lakeside to see the beautiful sunrise. Here, you will view the ice blue water and gray mountains far behind the lake. As the sun rises, the sight is bathed in golden sunshine. At dusk, clouds will turn into red and golden color. Sitting on beside the lake, just enjoy your relax time and see the sky change color.

Do Kora In Namtso Lake 

As a holy Lake in Tibetan, Namtso Lake is one of the important sites of pilgrimage. Every year, thousands of pilgrims pay their homage to the holy lake, especially in the Sheep Year of Tibetan Calendar.

There are several ways to complete the kora in Namtso Lake. You can drive a car about two days to the lake, trek with prayer wheel rolling and even walk by prostrate kowtow. Another way is to trek the Tashi peninsula, which only takes several hours to complete one round.

In a word, Namtso Lake is the most beautiful landscape that we want to visit it in a lifetime. Just enjoy yourself and have a great memory for a Tibet travel.