Manasarovar Lake is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. At an elevation of 4583 meters above sea level, the lake 412 square kilometers. Lakes are purer than sapphires, and people can see through dozens of meters into the lake. If you are lucky to go for a trip to Tibet and visit this beautiful lake, you will appreciate spectacular views of blue water, sparkling waves, clouds and snow-covered mountains.

Myth and Mystery about Manasarovar Lake

According to the Hindu tradition, Manasarovar Lake was created by Brahma, the Creator of God, providing the appropriate place for religious rituals. It is said that he had 12 sons who are saints. In order to give his sons a more appropriate place to earn merit, Brahma created the beautiful Lake Manasarovar. For the Hindus, the meandering curves of Mt.Kailash and the sinking of the cold waters of Manasarovar eliminate the sin of all life and receive salvation from the reincarnation.

According to Buddhist legend, the mother of the Buddha was transported here by the gods, bathed in the holy waters of Manasarovar until her body was purified. She saw a white elephant running to her from Mt. Kailash, as the Buddha entered her womb. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is believed that bathing with Manasarovar ‘s water will disperse greedy desires, confused thoughts, and past sins. On the other hand, drinking Manasarovar ‘s water will stay healthy and away from the disease. In a word, bring the pilgrims when hovering the lake unlimited benefits. As a result, if all the pilgrims go to Manasarovar Lake, they will regard circling and drinking in the lake as their greatest wealth. During years, many pilgrims and tourists were attracted by the holy lake.

How to get to Manasarovar Lake?

Manasarovar Lake is about 1200 km west of Lhasa city. The only way to reach to Manasarovar Lake or anywhere in Tibet is to find a local Tibet travel agency. You will need multiple travel documents, a knowledgeable guide, private car and drivers to reach the lake. Although you may have already read this article, only a local Tibet travel agency can arrange for you. Also, most of the travelers who went to Lake Manasarovar is including a three-day trek near Mt.Kailash.

The best time to go to Manasarovar Lake

The best time to go to Manasarovar Lake is from late April to late October. The west of Tibet is very dry and there is a little rain. July and August may have some clouds, but heavy rain is rare.

Manasarovar Lake scenery

With 4588 meters above sea level, Lake Manasarovar is the world’s highest freshwater lake. In the sunny days, you will be able to see the blue sky, white clouds, snow-capped mountains in the blue water to reflect the reflection of the air scenery. This is a huge to the eternal self-discovery and soul to explore the destination.

Surrounded by desert flora, swamp meadows, and hot springs, Manasarovar Lake has the largest crystal. Due to molten glaciers, rainwater, and underground springs, Manasarovar Lake is rich in minerals and is home to a variety of fish. According to the records, there are 108 springs in the lake, near the temple is regarded as the holy bath. The lake is considered to be the origin of the four rivers: Horse Spring River) in the east, Elephant Spring River in the west, Lion Spring River in the north and Phoenix Spring River in the south.

During winter, when travelers go pass this frozen lake, they usually fall into it with the horses, tents, and camps. Besides, it always utilizes a mysterious dark blue appearance and is unstable even on sunny days. There is one island with a temple in this middle of this lake. Only during winter when the lake is frozen can the monks reach the outside world.

Mansarovar Lake and Mt.Kailash are the shackles of faith, wrapped in the embrace of the mother of nature, and instantly spell out the mystery. Every year, countless tourists and trekkers from all over the world are attending the most trekking. Moreover, this list includes not only people with profound religious beliefs and emotions but also those who seek adventure.