The first concern for travelers in remote areas is safety. Tibet is a holy land with breathtaking landscape and unique culture, but is it safe to travel to Tibet? I’ll show you some detail about traveling in Tibet.

Is There Criminal in Tibet?

As you’ve heard of from other travelers, Tibetans are hospitable, trustworthy and friendly. In fact, Tibet is a safe place. However, the majority of crime is pickpockets. Avoid going out at night, and take care of your pocket in crowded areas, such as Barkhor Street. When you are taking photos of marvelous landscapes, take care of your camera to avoid snatching. What’s more, be careful of scams. When someone invites you to drink at a bar or practice English, don’t be lured into the trap. Foreign travelers are vulnerable to scams, you’re suggested to read Tibet travel advice before departing for Tibet.


Home to more than 800 species of wild animals, and over 200 species of them are native animals, Tibet is the paradise for wildlife. For your and the animals’ safety, you’re suggested to respect rules and maintain a safe distance with wildlife on this land. It is reported that wild animals such as bears, yaks and snow leopards attacked local people during past years. We offer Tibetan guides who know the land completely and have your Tibet tour companies by a permitted local travel guide can avoid this situation.

Besides wildlife, there are many dogs in Tibet in the countryside. Almost every Tibetan family has a Tibetan Mastiff, a species of powerful and ferocious dog. When you see dogs during your tour in Tibet, keep a distance with them and don’t approach.

Take Care of Your Money and Valuables

During your Tibet tour, don’t carry too much cash, and pay attention to your valuables, such as the watch, jewelry, camera, and phone. Don’t leave them in vehicles and hotels. Your passport may be used to commit crimes by criminals, do keep it with you all the time. If you lost your passport, contact the nearest Embassy as soon as possible.

Food and Drink

In Tibet, you will be surrounded by numerous attractive local food. However, food from street vendors is not always safe. For a better sanitary condition, you’re suggested to eat in big restaurants.

Political Disturbances

If a riot breaks out in Tibet, such as the one in 2008, you’re suggested to stay in your hotel to avoid being caught up. Local authorities and your embassy will deal with the problem and organize emergency flights it the situation goes worse. Although terrorists may attack official or civilian targets during the riot, it’s not likely to take place during your tour in Tibet. There’s no need to worry about it.

Remember, don’t bring pictures of the Dalai Lama, Tibetan flag or any pro-Tibetan political items to Tibet. Don’t make political conversations in Tibet, in particular with persons who you don’t know.

All in all, travel to Tibet is safe. We offer group tour packages in Tibet with season Tibetan travel guide and drive, you don’t need to worry about anything. Located in Lhasa with 13 years’ experience in running tours successfully, we are always ready to help you realize your Tibet dream.

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