“Heart in the heaven, Body in the hell, the only thing you will be taken away is the soul “, it’s probably a true portrayal of travelers who travel to Tibet. In Tibet, casually running hundreds of kilometers down, on the road, you will find all kinds of speed limit and levels will be checked. But it makes a long way have a small meaning and let us have enough time to remember the roadside scenery.

It has been a few days past when I return back to home from Tibet, but it seems that I am out of the soul. When I have finished sorting out these beautiful pictures of Tibet, I can’t find the right folder to assign naming of pictures, even the title of these words.


beautiful sightseeing on the way to Tibet.

Tibet travel


When I arrived at Lhasa airport, I feel a bit dizzy. I met the warm guide, she transferred me to the hotel which is at the rear of the Potala Palace. In my room, I can see the sacred Potala Palace from the window. In order to get acclimatized to high altitude and alleviate the jet lag, I wander in Lhasa city for a while, then back to my hotel to sleep. After many days, I also spent in the state of low fever.


Each traveler who is the first time to travel to Tibet can’t cover up the hearts of boiling. Endless pictures, laughing, to see every scene even if only a small plant or a beautiful flower, these will be able to make you happy. When Inner touched will be turned into action, It’s the time for you to express how you feel, don’t be shy, what’s the most thing is a free expression of emotion, right?


it's the beautiful sightseeing in Yamdroktso Lake  that you never want to miss.

Yamdroktso Lake in Tibet



On the way to Shigatse, I have a great chance to view the Yamdroktso Lake at the top of Gambara and Karola Glacier. Along the way, the irregular sheep lake along the road meandering hundreds of kilometers, it accompanied me to spend the boring time in the car. But altitude sickness began to strike, I feel a bit fever and the beautiful scenery of the Yamdroktso Lake did not alleviate my pain, I took a quick photo and returned to the car to rest.


Arriving at the Karola Glacier, the big tips on the card marked its geographical height, altitude 5560m. “The actual elevation is even higher than this.” the kindly guide said. Here, I have seen the years of the glacier will be in the sun’s exposure, the place of the prayer is an indispensable view of Tibet like as the protector of Tibet. What’s an amazing sightseeing it is! You may have never seen before.


Many monks in Tashilhunpo Monastery

Tashilhunpo Monastery in Tibet



Tashilhunpo Monastery which is the same as the Potala Palace is well-known as the largest temple in the region of Shigatse. In the Monastery, you will be not allowed to take pictures. I walked around every corner, stroked the picture of Buddha and bodhisattva on the wall, read the six words of truth, and the icy cold of the fingers shed tears. At that moment, the heart of the world is peaceful, the noise around also appears stationary, the only you need to do is feeling the power of culture.


It's worthy a try for going to Namtso Lake and enjoy nice time here.

Namtso Lake in Tibet



When I reach to Namtso Lake via the Nyainqentanglula Mountains, I was very devout to express my respect for her. The seabirds on the lake sometimes habitat, sometimes expand the wings, I make effort to capturing their activities in every moment. The eyes as a high-speed high-pixel camera can only be shot this beautiful sightseeing into the head and stored in the heart.

The reason I travel to Tibet is just to feel the blue sky, white clouds, clear lake, magnificent mountain. It’s a paradise in the dream of acquaintance. Return back to home by plane, my thoughts are still flying where the blue sky and white clouds, even though I am still wandering in my nausea of the smell of butter tea, that taste I will never forget.

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