When you‘re planning a tour in Tibet, well, at this point, you may have a lot of questions about Tibet Travel. How do I get to Tibet? Is it safe to travel to Tibet? How much will it cost? Will I be able to afford it? Here are some common FAQs on traveling to Tibet.

1 How to get Tibet Permits?

Due to Tibet’s unique background, apart from a Passport and a Chinese Visa, all foreign tourists allowed to enter Tibet must have Tibet Travel Permits. As the local travel agency running over 10 years, we could surely get your Tibet permit including other necessary permits after you book the tour with us. We need your passport and China visa copies to apply for Tibet permits from Tibet Travel Bureau. Usually, 30 days (shortest 16 days) before a tour starts and get them to you within 8 working days.

2 How to get Chinese visa?

For China visa, you can apply for it from your local China Embassy. Usually, they will ask you to provide the evidence for your booking hotels, round-trip flight tickets, etc. to show you are a tourist in China. If anything in need, we can assist you to apply for the Chinese visa.

3 How to get China group visa

When you travel to Tibet from Kathmandu, you need to stay about 3 days in Kathmandu to apply for China Group visa (otherwise, you will pay extra money). Thus, you don’t have to apply for a Chinese visa from your local China Embassy. The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu only accepts the visa applications from 10:00~12:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Moreover, they’ll not work on weekends or holidays.

4 Do you recommend coming in from Chengdu or Katmandu?

According to the regulations, foreigners who enter Tibet from Kathmandu have to apply for the China Group Visa there, which requires your original passport. Usually, it takes three working days to get the Visa. So, it means you have to spend at least three or four days in Nepal. If you want to visit Nepal as well, you can choose this way. Otherwise, I think from Chengdu is better.

5 Can you arrange an extension to Bhutan or Nepal?

Yes, we can. Please tell me your tour plan. I will quote you accordingly.

6 Is there a dedicated driver and a guide or does the driver double as both driver-guide?

A driver and an English-speaking Tibetan tour guide will accompany you in Tibet.

7 Is there a problem with the age for traveling to Tibet?

Actually, there is no age limitation for people to travel to Tibet. As for our clients over 60, it’s also hard to define the age as the boundary of whether being able to travel to Tibet. Things are not always absolute considering the age of traveling to high altitude places. Previously, our oldest clients who came from the US is at the age of 81 with his 76-year-old wife, and they travel to Everest Base Camp successfully. So suggest you consult with your doctor and staying physically strong and healthy are a must before making the decision to travel to Tibet.

8 How to travel to Tibet by motorcycles?

The clients who travel from Kathmandu to Tibet via Gyirong by Motorbike need to pay RMB 10, 000 for the customs deposit of each motorcycle and RMB 200 Customs handling fees/person.
They need to pay us first and we will give it to the customs. After they finished the journey, we will return this money back to them except for Customs handling fees. Besides, the clients need to apply for a temporary license plate and a temporary driving license in Shigatse. It takes RMB 200 per person.

9 The warmest time for Mt. Kailash tour

The warmest period for Everest & Mt Kailash Kora Pilgrimage Group Tour is from mid-May to mid-June, to avoid the heavy snowfall and rainy days. “Warm” here is a relative term. Actually, at any time of the year, snow may come unexpectedly at Mt.Kailash. In most areas of this tour, the weather is moderate. The temperature is about 0°C (32℉)~18°C (64.4℉).

Our tours are available for most seasons. Just in winter, some road may be blocked by snow or lakes get frozen. From May to June, all tours are available.

10 is it safe to travel to Tibet alone?
Yes, it is safe as long you are with the group and our Tibetan guide’s guidance.