Many people think that Tibet is covered with snow and ice all year round and winter is not a good season to travel in Tibet. However, according to my many years experience in Tibet, in winter,  the average temperature of Tibet is about 12°C. Due to the strong sunshine, the temperature  may be higher during the day, so even if you stay in Tibet in the winter, you will feel very warm. So winter is a good season for travelers to start tour in Tibet, especially in Lhasa, Tsetang, Shigatse and Nyingchi.



Good news! If you plan to travel to Tibet this winter, you are lucky. In order to promote the development of winter tourism in Tibet, Tibet Tourism Bureau announced that from November 1 this year to March 15th, 2019, tourists can enjoy the preferential ticket-free policy. Many attractions are free in Tibet, including state-owned attractions above the AAA level (excluding Tibetan temples and monasteries). Other entrance tickets for AAA attractions or non-state attractions are only charged for half of tickets fee. These include the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Namtso Lake, Mt. Everest, etc… Going to Everest in the winter, you can also enjoy a special night at Rongbuk Guesthouse and be shocked by the sunset golden sunrise of Mt Everest.

In addition to free tickets to tourist attractions, you can also get much cheaper flight tickets, hotels and car. Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity, you can realize your Tibetan dream with less money this winter.

Some people think that even if all tickets are discounted, traveling in Tibet in winter is also looking for trouble, and cheap things are never good. But in fact, the continuous sunny weather is one of the main assets of Tibet. The Lhasa sunshine in winter is drowsy, not as cold as you think.

In Winter, there are a few tourists, local pilgrims in Tibet convert from all directions to Lhasa. This is a lucky moment to really feel the warmth and faith of the city. If you want to experience the local folk customs, you should go to Tibet for the unique feeling of the Tibetan New Year on February 5th this year. If you go in early April, Nyingchi is a good place to visit where peach blossoms bloom from late-March to early April.

Here are some attraction for free entrance tickets as below,

1 Jokhang Temple

Tickets: 85 yuan (free)

Business hours: 09:00 -18:00

The Jokhang Temple is the earliest building in Lhasa and has a history of more than 1,350 years. The famous lama Nima Tsering said: “If you come to Lhasa and don’t go to the Jokhang Temple, it is the same as not going to Lhasa at all.”

2 Potala Palace

Tickets: 200 yuan (free)

Business hours: 09:00 -15:00

Tickets for the Potala Palace are called “the most difficult tickets to buy in China” and you need to queue up one day in advance to buy them. But now it’s all free.

Everest Base Camp Tent

Everest Base Camp Tent

3 Everest Base Camp in Tibet

Tickets: 200 yuan (free)

Business hours: all times

When you drive to Everest Base camp in Tibet, you will face the highest mountain-Mt.Everest in the world and view the Himalayas. You will find that Everest camp is very different from Mt.Everest: this camp is a place to stay, and Mt.Everest is a place to challenge life and death.

When you stand EBC and watch the beautiful sunrise of Everest Peak, you will feel it’s very sacred and elusive. This is why many people can’t climb Mount Everest and still go to Everest Base Camp to see Mt.Everest. In the evening, you can take pictures of the sky full of Everest stars, and the next morning you can take pictures at the sunrise of Mount Everest. It’s really a unforgetable experience in your life time.